Our mission is to always provide excellent quality and delivering the highest possible services in everything we do.


Who We Are

Dream Interactive Era Holding Ltd. is a global business office with the reach and vision to link resources and business across the globe. Our clients are giants in their diverse industries, and we are the bridge that connects them. We seek to be the dynamic conduit that accelerates growth, bridging the gap between technology and market, far-reaching talent and the capital that fosters it.

Dream Interactive Era Holding Ltd. 是全球性商業辦公室,具有連接世界各地資源與業務的視野與遠見。我們的客戶囊括各行各業的專家,我們則扮演連接他們的橋樑。我們力求加速成長,彌合技術與市場差距,網羅適合的人才和促進增長資本的動態渠道。


What We Do

Businesses exist for one simple reason: to solve a big problem. At the core of every great product or service is an unfulfilled need that reaches a big enough market. But it’s not enough to have a great idea that solves a big problem; In our company, there stands a flexible team that can efficiently turn a vision into a growing business.


  • Our Mission 我們的使命

    Valuing the importance of our client’s needs, our mission is to always provide excellent quality and delivering the highest possible services in everything we do.

  • Our Vision 我們的願景

    We extend our services to them beyond their expectations by building trust and satisfactions in engaging our server management business.

  • Our Confidentiality 我們的保密性

    In the corporate and wealth industry, we understand the importance of confidentiality. All information are securely stored with only access granted to the relevant authorized personnel.

Our Service

What can we offer to you? Firm that invests the pooled funds of retail investors for a fee. By aggregating the funds of a large number of small investors into a specific investments (in line with the objectives of the investors), our investment company gives individual investors access to a wider range of securities than the investors themselves would have been able to access. Also, individual investors should be able to save on trading costs since the investment company is able to gain economies of scale in operations. There are two types of investment companies: open-end (mutual funds) and closed-end (investment trusts).

We are proud of the service that we offer to our consumer. Not just because we want but we can. We have a good team in our company. We have utter confidence to give the best service than other companies. Trust us and let us help you to reach your goal!